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Cure Treatment For The Chronic Spinal Cord Injury Almost
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The Spinal Cord Society Research Center has developed what is believed to be the first potentially successful treatment protocol for chronic spinal cord injury. There are three components to this regimen:

1) Scar Ablation- Effective treatment of the truly chronic injury must first deal with scar tissue that forms on the ends of damaged nerves. SCS Research has developed a methodology utilizing a photo-toxic dye that is injected into the scar tissue. A specific wavelength of light is then focused on this dye which activates it, destroying the scar while leaving the healthy tissue undamaged.

2) Cell transplant- Next, SCS Research utilized a combination of Lamina Propia/Olfactory Ensheathing Cells (LP/OEC) and Schwann cells to promote tissue repair, axonal regeneration, and nerve remyelination in the chronic spinal cord injury of rats. This is an autologous (patient’s own cells) transplant.

3) Physical therapy- After long term injury the brain must relearn control of the neuromuscular system. Our TANES therapy uses electrical stimulation of the Central Pattern Generator (CPG) to activate a neuromuscular coordinated walking motion, “training” the brain to take over.

A 30% return of function in subject lab rats enabled them to stand and step while supporting their own body weight. Their toes and ankles were mostly forward and they could walk across a horizontal ladder with fewer foot faults. To see the full technical abstract, click Brain Res. or a video of Rat Walking.

This treatment has been repeated, tested and confirmed by SCS scientists and has been published in peer reviewed journals. Our Research Center feels it’s time to take this protocol to human trials in order to see if we can get the same results there.

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